Discovery Call & Consultation

Our first conversation starts with a private, complimentary Discovery Call and Consultation. It’s an opportunity for us to learn a little about you and discuss the changes that you’d like to make in your mindset, your life and your work. We’ll also begin to develop your personalized Inspired Success 360 Program with Positive Change Inspired By You!

Your First Session

Your first coaching and hypnosis session is scheduled for 90-minutes.  This gives us the opportunity to allow opportunity to meet and to get to know you, understand your circumstances, and learn about your personal goals.  During our time together will address your challenges, do some coaching and hypnosis work and set you on a successful path to your personal transformation. You’ll also learn some self hypnosis, a few motivational tools and may have some funwork to do before our next visit.  Notice I said funwork not homework…promise. 😊 All of your personal hypnosis sessions will be recorded for you for so that you can listen and reinforce our session together before the next time we meet.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Our program is designed to include personal coaching sessions designed to allow you to check in, get some additional support and to make sure you’re on track to successfully achieve your goals. Our Inspired Success 360 Program coaching sessions help you to Just Get UnStuck from the inside out…and we’re here to support you the whole way!

Group Workshops and Events 

Our center holds small group gatherings and events to provide you with the education, encouragement, and resources to help you achieve your goals.  These include seminars, yoga, meditation, coffee talks, etc.  Health Goals Wellness Center that houses our offices offers massage, acupuncture, skincare, chiropractic care, personal training and nutrition.  We are happy to refer you to refer you to any of their services.

Your Inspired Success 360…You’ve Got It!!

Our work is devoted to inspiring your success by… sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you to Just Get UnStuck and live your happiest, healthiest and most prosperous life imaginable! Time to celebrate your Inspired Success!